Finding the Perfect Holiday Cottage

I love going on cruises, no question, but that doesn’t mean to say I am not averse to the odd holiday in my beautiful home country of England, tucked away in a quaint holiday cottage somewhere by the sea. Maybe it’s my love of the sea that always draws me to the coast, but there are some occasions when I prefer to have my feet firmly on the ground and in control of where my holiday takes me.

Dorset-Durdle-DoorFinding the perfect holiday cottage isn’t always easy. Some might say I’m a bit fussy, but if I’m going on holiday I like my accommodation to meet my requirements and to feel as though it’s as cosy as home, but with a few added special extras. For me, you have to go a long way to beat a holiday cottage in Dorset.  The dramatic coastline, the chocolate box cottages and not forgetting the yummy Dorset apple cake – perfection. My husband, Jim, and I are avid walkers.  We may be in our seventies but we firmly believe that if you don’t use it, you lose it so we are keen to keep our bodies fit and healthy.  Dorset is perfect for this as there are some many beautiful walks around, which are suitable for all ages and abilities. The Jurassic Coast stretches from East Devon and follows the coastline 95 miles round to Dorset.  It is England’s first natural World Heritage Site and displays 185 million years of the Earth’s natural history, it is truly breath taking. I personally love the walk up Hambury Tout hill on a beautiful sunny day.  It is a relatively steep hill with a gravel path, but the views at the top are well worth it.  Just remember to pack a cold drink and a slice of that Dorset apple cake for a well earned snack stop at the top. Upon reaching the top you are rewarded with the geological masterpiece that is Durdle Door, a natural limestone arch, and Lulworth Cove, which was formed approximately 10,000 years ago by the powerful erosion of the sea.

Lulworth-oldcolourpostcardAfter our walk, we like to stop off at the local village in West Lulworth for an ice cream – there are so many flavours to choose from – and buy a bottle of homemade fruit wine.  I never tire of visiting Lulworth time and time again, it is just such a beautiful part of the country.

When we go to Dorset, we tend to always stay in a traditional thatched cottage.  I always insist that it has a garden as I like nothing better than returning after a day out walking and sitting out in the garden with a lovely cup of tea in the last of the sunshine. There’s just something so relaxing, sitting there listening to the different bird songs, the smell of the salty sea air and the promise of what tomorrow will bring.

Where Can Our Spirit Take Yours?

If you have the time, indulge me with a minute of your time.
Imagine stepping out on your private veranda to take in the view of Polynesian paradise. Or stepping from five-star elegance into the bustling streets of Southeast Asia. Imagine the untamed landscapes of Australia, Egypt’s ancient wonders and timeless Mediterranean hideaways are yours to explore at your leisure. Imagine countless little luxuries are yours to enjoy as you wish.

If you have the time, indulge yourself with our 119-day World Cruise.
In January 2011, our flagship, Silver Spirit, sets sail on her Inaugural World Cruise that visits 60 destinations, 25 countries and both hemispheres. So, while every Silversea cruise is enriching and exhilarating, on rare occasions we can’t help but outdo ourselves and offer something even more. Our World Cruises are just that… and as it is Silver Spirit’s first, it promises to be even more memorable.

Silver Spirit is incredibly luxurious – a little larger than her sister ships to accommodate amenities such as six dining venues – but still very intimate. Her 540 guests will enjoy the same Silversea hallmark traits of romantic and far-flung ports, new shipboard friends and the ultimate in personalised service. These relaxed days at sea are balanced by days of adventure ashore.

We want to ensure to emphasise the highlights of key regions throughout the World Cruise, so have created four completely complimentary events for guests sailing the full 119-day itinerary. Gear up your imagination once again and envision yourself:

Savouring some of Australia’s premier wines…

Sleeping in the private Krungthep Wing of the five-star Shangri-La Hotel in Bangkok…

Visiting a traditional souk in Dubai amid a backdrop of Arabian desert dunes…

Attending a private opening of Barcelona’s renowned Picasso Museum …

Life is good. Is it not?

Time is on your side.
This special voyage departs in only 13 months, and guests who book early will enjoy a host of advantages including the opportunity to secure their preferred suite at considerable savings. But the benefits of locking in a spot now go beyond financial value. An early booking means the chance to plan, explore, and fill the months ahead with anticipation of adventures to come. It also brings the satisfaction of a reserved place aboard the first world cruise of Silversea’s most impressive ship on a voyage appropriately themed “Spirit of Discovery.”