As a retired mother of three and grandmother of 7, some might say I am owed a bit of me time and I should relish the chance of putting my feet up. Not a chance! I enjoy life way too much to sit back and watch it pass me by. Instead I see this as a great opportunity to get out there and do the things I haven’t yet had a chance to do. Both myself and my husband, Jim, are still relatively fit and healthy and there are plenty of sights out there that we are chomping at the bit to visit.

We have both long been fans of cruises, particularly on the super luxury cruise ship the Silver Spirit. Travelling to various exotic locations such as the Caribbean and Australia, to name but a few, we have tasted new foods, met amazing local people and discovered hidden hideaways in faraway foreign climes. My children are constantly telling me to grow up and act my age, but I think they’re just jealous, it’s going to be a long time before they get a chance to have some of the experiences that I am having at the moment!

To me, the name of the cruise ship, Silver Spirit, says it all. I may be in my seventies, but trust me I have still got plenty of silver spirit left in me!